Megève (France)
8910 october 2014
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From local to global, from analysis to action, the stake of the 2014 International Congress is to assert the role of water as the core issue of territorial projects, within a perspective of adaptation to global changes.

Mountain ranges are the water towers of our planet. Thus, the populations of mountain regions and the populations of the piedmont catchment basins join forces to elaborate adaptation strategies to deal with the global changes in progress, and to prevent risks associated with droughts and floods.
Following the first three events in 2002, 2006 and 2010, Megève will host the 4th international congress dedicated to high watersheds, i.e. 2nd International Congress of Integrated Management in High Watersheds, on October 8th, 9th and 10th, 2014. Elected officials, water managers and scientists will convene to share, discuss and foster concerted water management at the scale of mountain ranges.


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Le 19/05/2014

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The World Water Day will provide an opportunity for the official opening of the web site of the International Congress on High Watersheds.
Le 13/05/2014
The vocation of the World Water Day – celebrated each year on March 22nd – is to bring to the fore the critical stakes linked to the preservation of the planet water resources. This celebration provides an opportunity to initiate public, awareness-raising actions throughout the world. In 2014, "Water and Energy" is the theme of the World Water Day.


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